Tube Adhesives


Derby N.78 is an adhesive including solvent-based polychloroprene.

Product Definition
Derby N.78 is an adhesive including solvent-based polychloroprene.

The Places of Use
Derby N.78 tube is used for adhering leather, rubber, wood, plywood, particleboard, decorative laminate, cork, felt and fabric.

Sand the both sides of material to be adhered. Clean carefully the dusts originated because of sanding. Clean the potential fats and dirts on material with the cleaning solvent. Apply Derby N.78 on leather or porous materials with a clean brush twice in every 30 minutes. It is waited for 15-30 minutes at room temperature and it is provided solvent on surface of material to disappear.After adhering the material, it should pressed at least 3 bars. Pressing time is at least 10 seconds. Derby N.78 shows a thickness under 0° just as all neoprene-based adhesives. This glue restitutes if it is kept at room temperature for one day. Do not absolutely heat at bare fire.

Shelf life
It is 24 months as packaged at room temperature.

Derby N.78 contains solvent. Keep the packages in places with good air conditioning. Keep away from glow sources. Do not smoke. Do not inhale its vapour. Avoid from contacting with eye and skin. Do not pour to drainage canals.

Base Color Density Diluent / Cleanser Viscosity Application Method Drying Time Sensitivity to freeze Glow feature
Polychloroprene Yellowish Transparent 0.85 g/cm³  Cleaning solvent 2000 m/Pa.s +-300 Brush or mechanical relay 15-30 minutes No Yes
Product Name Unit per Package Amount per Package Package Weight / Kg Package Dimensions
40g Tube Adhesive with Dozen 24 Dozen 288 Piece 17.5 Kg 490x329x350 mm
40g Tube Adhesive with Stand 12 Stand 288 Piece 16 Kg 385x367x325 mm
125g Tube Adhesive with Dozen 10 Dozen 120 Piece 20 Kg 630x375x245 mm