Tin Adhesives


n76, tin adhesive

Product Definition
Derby N.76 is an adhesive including solvent-based polychloroprene.

The Places of Use
Derby N.76 tube is a contact adhesive applied with a brush used for binding decorative plastic laminates to the wood, particleboard and in kitchen manufacturing, to the metals, furniture, wall boards. Derby 76 is also used for binding to many surfaces such as metal panel, plywood, particleboard, as lamination material in honey comb hives, rubber, felt, canvas, cork, leather etc.

The parts to be adhered should be dry and cleansed from oil and dust. Laminated plastic panels, metal and glass surfaces should be cleaned with cleaning solvent. Rubber should be roughened lightly. Derby N.76 should be applied to the whole of both sides to be adhered. At the end of drying time, the parts should be combined and pressed. Adhered parts can be taken for the next process. So as to prevent adhering failures, temperature of application place and adhesive should not be under 18°C.

Shelf Life
It is 12 months as packaged at room temperature

Derby N.76 contains toluene. Keep the packages in places with good air conditioning. Keep away from glow sources. Do not smoke. Do not inhale its vapour. Avoid from contacting with eye and skin. Do not pour to drainage canals.

Base Color Density Diluent / Cleanser Viscosity Application Method Drying Time Sensitivity to freeze Glow Feature
Polychloroprene Light yellow 0.96 g/ cm³  Cleaning solvent 3000 m/Pa.s +-400 Brush or mechanical relay 15-20 minutes No Yes
Product Name Amount per Package Package Weight/Kg Package Dimensions
N.76/2 - Net 400g Tin Adhesive 45 Pieces 25.5 Kg 520x320x255 mm
N.76/1 - Net 850g Tin Adhesive 24 Pieces 25.5 Kg 415x317x307 mm
N.76/5 - Net 3 Kg Tin Adhesive 6 Pieces 20.7 Kg 350x330x255 mm
N.76/17 - Net 14 Kg Tin Adhesive 1 Pieces 14.8 Kg 230x230x350 mm