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Derby, Rigid, PVC Adhesive

Product Definition
Special adhesive for rigid PVC-U parts (panel, pipe, elbow).

The places of use
Derby Rigid PVC Pipe Adhesive is used for combining joints of pressure pipes made of U-PVC such as potable water pipe, gas pipe and agricultural irrigation pipes. It is resistant to water, alcohol, oil and fuel. It complies with German DIN 16970 standard.

Pipe ends and joints should be cut with a straight angle and cleaned from burrs. Adhesion surfaces should be cleaned previously. Surfaces to be adhered should be marked so as to be used correctly. ıf there is wetness, it should be dried and it should be cleaned from oil and dirt. Before usage, mix the rigid PVC Adhesive. Adhesive should be applied uniformly and equally. So as to prevent mistakes, apply the first coat to the parts which will be passed through the other. After then, apply to the marked area throughout the pipe. So as to reduce the mistakes, applica- tion should be repeated. Combine the pipe and the part to be adhered immediately without turning. Hold them together for a few seconds until starting of cure. Clean the margins. The parts should be combined within 3 minutes following the initiation of application because of fast curing. This period will be shorter in case that adhesive is applied slimly and air temperature is high. Do not pressurize the system within the first 5 minutes after parts are adhered. Curing time will be doubled or tripled under +10oC. Pressure tests can be made 24 hours later.

Shelf life
Do not store under +5oC for longer than 9 months. If adhesive is thickened because of cold, take it to a warm room and mix occasional- ly.

Origin Color Density Solid Matter Viscosity Consumption Combining Time
Vinyl Chloride
Dissolved with Solvent
Transparent 0,97 g/cm³ %24 20.000 mPa.s 250-400 g/m² 3-4 minutes
Product Name Amount per Package Package Weight/Kg Package Dimensions
Rigid PVC Adhesive Tube 125g 30 Pieces 4.95 Kg 285x247x180 mm
Rigid PVC Adhesive Tin 500g 24 Pieces 16.87 Kg 308x410x290 mm