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Derby, D92, PU Liquid Nail

Product Definition
Derby D92 liquid anchor is a polyuretha- ne-based adhesive with single component and fast curing. It has both ultimate adhesion force and fast curing. It cures with humidity. It is used for adhering all common constructional materials.

Fast curing. Short pressing time. Perfect adhesion to many surfaces. It can be applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces; it does not flow. It consumes little, it is economic. It is perfectly resistant to humidity and weather conditions (D4 as per DIN EN 204). It is easy to use. It is resistant to chemicals. It can be applied to internal and external spaces. No solvent. No volume loss. It can be applied on humid surfaces. It is odourfree.

The places of use
It is appropriate for adhesion works of porous-porous and porous-nonporous surfaces in construction and repair works requiring permanent and strong adhesion. It can be used for adhering a lot of construction materials such as wood, MDF, concrete, metal, polystyrene and polyurethane foam, PVC, marble, granite, polycarbonate, glass, ceramic etc.

It is recommended that application temperature is between +5OC and +40OC. Application surfaces should clean and dry. Minimum joints length should be 5x5 mm. For joints whose extensities are too high, joint depth should be half of extensity. Joint depth can be adjusted at the desired level by using a filler roving. Masking tapes should be applied to both edges of joint for a smooth application. So as to ensure the adequate contact with surface, silicon should be straightened by pressing with a spatula within 5 minutes after application. This application will provide silicone to adhere stronger and cause a better filling appearance. Cured silicone can be cleaned mechanically.

Shelf life
It is 12 months when it is stored in its original closed package at room temperature.

It contains diphenylmethane-4,4 di-isocyanate. It irritates eyes, respiratory organs and skin. Wear gloves when working. Keep away from flammable materials. It should not be exposed to sun light directly. Keep away absolutely from children. In case of storing higher than +35OC, its shelf life can be shortened. It should be used for adhering polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, ABS, PTFE surfaces.



Chemical Structure Poliüretan prepolimer  
Density 1.13 ± 0.03 gr/ml (ASTM D1875)
Shell Formation 5 – 10 min. (at 23°C and %50 R.H.) (ASTM C679)
Consistency Thixotropic  
Shrinking 0 (EN ISO 7390)
Pressing 15 – 20 dk.  
Temperature Resistance -20 °C to +70 °C  
Application Temperature +5 °C to +35 °C  


Product Name Amount per Package Package Weight/Kg Package Dimensions
D92 PU Liquid Nail 30 Pieces 11 Kg 300x260x250 mm