d34, derby, neutral mirror silicone

Product Definition
Derby D34 is a sealant and filler having extensive usage area in mirror montage, PVC and Aluminum joinery montage. It strongly adheres to many non-porous surfaces including general constructional materials.

It remains continuously flexible after cured. Oxime system cures. It adheres perfectly to the non-porous surfaces. It does not crack and go yellow; it is resistant to aging effects. It can be applied in every season. It is odour-free and does not give off acid odour in the course of curing. It does not go black in mirror surfaces which are resistant to UV rays.

The places of use
In montage of mirror, PVC and Aluminum joinery. In side-coating of aluminum composite, granite, marble and natural stone. In glass roof systems. In joints of constructio-nal elements in general. In doorways and interfenestrations for the purpose of isolation and filling. In glazing and montage works. In joints of metal, glass, porcelain, steel etc. materials. In applications of bathroom and kitchen and in sanitary works. In isolation of electric materials, socket and switches.

The temperature should be between +5°C and +40°C during application. When determining joint extensity, you should pay attention to the mobility of silicone. Minimum joint dimension should be 5x5mm. For joints whose extensities are too high, joint depth should be half of extensity. Joint depth can be adjusted at the desired level by using a filler roving. So as to ensure the adequate contact with surface, silicon should be straightened by pressing with a spatula within 5 minutes after application. Uncured silicone which is spilled out, can be cleaned with a cleaning thinner. 

Shelf life
It is 12 months when it is stored in its original closed package at room temperature.

It cannot be painted. You should not use in aquarium. It may go yellow when it is exposed to sun light directly. Because it needs humidity to cure, it should not be used in completely closed places. It may be harmful for the respiratory system to inhale the vapour generated in the course of curing. For this reason, you should pay attention to use in places with good air conditioning. Avoid from long-term contact with uncured silicone.



Chemical Structure Silicone Polymer  
Cure Mechanism Acetoxy  
Density 1,17± 0.02 g/ml  (ISO 1183)
Shore A Hardness 20-30 (28 gün sonra) (ASTM C661)
Max. Tensile Min. 3N/mm² (ASTM D412)
Shell Formation 5-15 min. (23°C and 50% R.H) (ASTM C679)
Curing Speed Min. 2,5 mm/day (23°C and 50% R.H)  
Tensile Strength 0,3N/mm2 (23°C and 50% R.H) (ISO 8339)
Breaking Strain > 350% (ISO 8339)
Hanging 0 mm (ISO 7390)
Application Temperature +5°C ile +40°C  
Temperature Resistance -40°C ile +180°C  

Color: Transparent

Product Name Amount per Package Package Weight/Kg Package Dimensions
D34 Neutral Mirror Silicone 30 Pieces 11 Kg 300x260x250 mm