PU Foams


850, Polyurethane Foam Spray

Product Definition
Derby polyurethane gun foam is a single component aerosol polyurethane foam which expands and cures by humidity and can be used with its special applying gun. It does not contain any propellant gas damaging the ozone layer.

It does not become mouldy and it is waterproof, it can be painted. After drying, hardened foam can be cut, sanded, painted and plastered.

The places of use
It is used in montage and isolation of door and window frames, in filling and insulation of gaps, big cracks and holes, in isolation of electrical installations and hot&cold water piper as a general purpose filler, adhesion and insulating material.

The ideal temperature of the can and ambient should be +20°C during application. Ambient temperature should between +5°C and +30°C in the course of application. Before using, shake the can very well, mount to its gun and use the foam by inverting and pressing the valve. After completing application, clean the foam gun with a foam cleanser spray.

Shelf life
It is 15 months in appropriate storage condition.

It should be used in places ventilated enough. Wear gloves when working. Keep away from firer materials. Tube is under pressure, it should not be exposed to sun light directly and temperature higher than 50°C. Keep absolutely away from children. Application in low temperatures decreases efficiency and curing time of foam.

Shelf life may be shortened in case of storing higher than +30°C and lower than -5°C.

The can should be kept vertical during storage and transporta- tion.

Ürün Adı Amount per Package Package Weight / Kg Koli Package Dimensions
750ml PU Gun Foam 16 Pieces 14.30 Kg 280x280x360 mm