Derby, MS Polymer Mastic, 1050

Product Definition
Derby MS Polymer Mastic 1050 is a joint filler mastic containing no solvent and isocyanate which is highly resistant, flexible and can be applied multi-directional.

It is cured by humidity of air, it is odour-free, it is paintable, it is highly resistant to UV and natural weather conditions. Air bubbles are not occurred on application surface. After completion of curing, it has a high flexibility and adhesion power. It does not cause any corrosion when it is applied to metal joints, it is resistant to mould.

The places of use
It is used in applications of coachwork, metal, plastic, hard PVC, wood, tire, natural and syntetic stone, concrete and isolation. It is a single component, flexible, hybrid-based, MS Polymer-based adhesive and sealant.

It is applied in between +5°C and +35°C. Surfaces to be adhered should be dry and cleaned from dust and oil. So as to clean the surfaces, it should be used the special cleanser solvent such as DERBYPRIMER 19 and preparative materials appropriate for surface. Users should make their own test so as to ensure about result. Apply Derby MS Polymer Mastic 1050 on surface with an appropriate mastic gun. Adhesive thickness to be applied changes as per the type of materials to be adhered. After application, materials should be gathered within encrusting time. Until completion of curing, materials should be kept together mechani- cally. Curing time can change depending upon temperature, humidity and thickness of adhesive.

Shelf Life
Keep the packages at dry and cool ambient. Do not store in temperature higher than +25°C. Shelf life of unpacked packages is almost 12 months.

Clean the used materials immediately after usage. Cured adhesive can only be cleaned mechanically. Please, read Product Safety Information Form and ethics before usage.

Origin MS Polymer
Color White, Black, Grey (Special colors can be made on request)
Density 1.33 g/cm3 (DIN 53479)
Slump test 0 mm
Shore A Hardness ~50  (DIN 53479)
Encrusting Time ~1 saat (+20 ºC, % 50 R.H.)
Curing Time 3 mm 24 Hourste (+20 ºC, % 50 R.H.)

Color: Black, White, Grey, Brown

Product Name Amount per Package Package Weight/Kg Package Dimensions
MS Polymer 1050 Cartridge 25 Adet 8 Kg 300x260x250 mm
MS Polymer 1050 Sausage 20 Adet 12 Kg 355x235x205 mm