Laminated Glues


540, sponge glue

Product Definition
Derby 540 is a syntetic rubber adhesive.

The places of use
Derby 540 is a fireproof-featured adhesive for furniture and bed. It is a adhesive provided with high first adhesion feature which is used for adhering the sponge with each other, metal, wood, mdf, fabric, jut blanket and leather, can be applied one-sided and double-sided, can show elastic adhesion feature.

It is applied with spray gun or lamination machine. Adhesive and material temperature should not be under 15°C. Surfaces should be dry, clean, de-dusted and de-fatted. Apply the adhesive with a spray gun slimly and uniformly on surfaces to be adhered.For spray application, we recommend to use nipples between 1.8 & 2.5 mm and bar pressure between 3 & 4. When there is viscosity feature, when you press your finger, you should not wet your finger and the parts should be combined. For absorber surfaces, it should be applied twice.

Shelf life
Keep at room temperature as hermetically closed. Storage time is 9 months at +20°C.

Origin Renk Density Solid Content Consistency Viscosity
Sentetik Kauçuk Transparan
Kırmızı, Sarımsı
1.13 g/cm³ 40-42 % Fluid, application by
spray gun.
800 m/Pa.s
Product Name Amount Per Package Package Weight/Kg Package Dimensions
540/5 - 5 kg'lik Teneke *Net 3kg 6 Pieces 20.7 Kg 350x330x255 mm
540/17 - 17 kg'lik Teneke *Net 15kg 1 Pieces 15 Kg 230x230x350 mm