Laminated Glues


106, laminate glue

Product Definition
Derby 106 is an adhesive including solvent-based polychloroprene.

The places of use
Gun type contact adhesives are used for adhering decorative plastic laminates to surfaces such as mdf, particleboard and metal. DERBY 106 can be used in lamination machines and is suitable for post-forming applications. In addition, it is used in automotive sector as general purpose gun type contact adhesive.
It has high temperature durability.

It is applied with spray gun or lamination machine. Adhesive and material temperature should be under 20°C. Surfaces should be dry, clean, dust-free and oil-free. So as to clean the metals, suitable one from DERBYPRIMER series should be used. Apply the adhesive with a spray gun slimly and uniformly on surfaces to be adhered uniformly.For spray application, we recommend to use 1.50 mm nipple 4-5 bar pressure. When working with pressure pot, viscosity of adhesive should be adjusted from time to time with DERBYPRIMER 7500. After a short drying time, adhering process should be carried out by applying strong pressure. For post-forming applications, you should dry the surfaces applied adhesive. After drying time, the parts are heated up to 80°-90°C and the parts are combined and pressed within contact time of adhesive. This process should be completed in the first time.

Shelf life
Keep at room temperature as hermetically closed. Storage time is 9 months at +20°C.

Origin Color Density Viscosity Drying Time Consumption
Polychloroprene Transparent 0.83 g/cm³ 450 m/Pa.s
2–10 dk. (Via spray gun)
5–20 dk. (In lamination machine)
180 – 200 gr/m²
Product Name Amount per package Package Weight/Kg Koli Package Dimensions
106/5 6 Adet 20.7 Kg 350x330x255 mm
106/15 1 Adet 15 Kg 230x230x350 mm