Derby, D93, Marine Glue

Product Definition
Derby D93 should be pressed polyurethane wood adhesive with single compo- nent. It cures with the help of humidity within environment and wood.

It is easy to use; it has low viscosity. It dries fast, resistant to water (D4-DIN EN204). It can be used in dampdry surfaces. It does not lose its strength in low and high temperatures. It is resistant to humidity and chemicals. It has a perfect adhesion power.

The places of use
It is used for adhering wood materials to each other and many other plastic materials such as metal, concrete, polystyrene foam, in repair and manufacture of kitchen, bathroom closet, sofa, seat frame work, in furnishing table and chair, in manufacturing yacht and boat, in adhesion works requiring water resistance.

Do not use in temperatures lower than 5oC. The parts to be adhered should be cleaned from dust and oil. At least one of surfaces should be porous for a strong adhesi- on. Adhesive should be applied to one or both within 15 minutes. Layers should remain as pressed for at least 2 hours. Newly applied adhesive can be cleaned with the help of acetone.

Shelf life
It is 12 months when it is stored in its original closed package at room temperature.

Because it dries with the help of humidity within air, its shelf life can be short after opening. Thus, ensure that it is closed tightly after usage. Storage higher than +35oC and lower than -10oC can cause shortening of shelf life. Pressing time depends upon humidity, temperature of environment, and how much porous (absorbency) the materials are. It contains diphenylmethane-4,4 di-isocyanate. It can be harmful for respiratory. It should be used in well-ventilated environments. Wear protecti- ve clothes and gloves when working. Keep away absolutely from children. It contains no carcinogenic materials.

Chemical Structure Polyurethane Prepolymer  
Curing System Curing with humidity  
Density 1,10 g/ml ± 0,01 (ASTM D1875)
Viscosity 20°C 5000-10000 cp cps at 20°C 
(Spindle No 4, 12 rpm)
Temperature Resistance -30°C - +100°C  
Encrusting Time 30 ± 5 mins. (23°C and 50% R.H.) (ASTM C679)
Consumption Approx. 150 ml/m²  
Pressing Time Min. 2 hours*  
Water Resistance Perfect (D4-DIN EN204)
Application Temperature +5 °C to +35 °C  

Color: Light Brown (Honey)

Product Name Amount per Package Package Weight / Kg Package Dimensions
D93 Marine Glue 12 Pieces 13.50 Kg 285x215x285 mm